Customer Services

Safety begins with service
First-class service can never be taken for granted. You have to work at it. Day after day, and even at night too sometimes.
Granted, our concept of service is pretty demanding. But above all it is successful. It gives you security of knowing that Linde equipment deliver exactly what they are designed for: maximum efficiency and handling performance.
Whatever happens, whatever you need, if the worst comes to worst, expert help is never far away. Our extensive network of service locations means that fully-trained service engineers will be with you soonest possible. They are true professionals, who not only know our equipment inside out, but also understand the specific needs of your business.

Our service specialists don’t just settle for sorting out problems, however. Where possible, they will make sure they don’t arise in the first place, with customised maintenance agreements, for example, or professional driving training. Services that go far beyond the call of duty.

Service costs
Avoiding the sting in the tail…
Service costs are hidden costs, which is why they are so often underestimated to begin with. Yet over the service life of a truck, small differences can easily mount up. Once again, Linde engineering pays off – because wearing parts are largely eliminated.
For one thing, you benefit from unusually long maintenance intervals. A Linde truck can operate for up to 1,000 hours without going near a service engineer. What’s more, our trucks are designed to keep service time to a minimum. All service components are positioned to be easily accessible.
Ideally, corrective maintenance is best avoided altogether. Customized maintenance agreements ensure that many problems never arise at all, leaving you free to concentrate on what really counts – your success.