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  • 3.0 – 5.0 tonnes capacity
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Ideal for Transporting


Linde Material Handling's P30 C and P50 C electric tow tractors allow for efficient and fatigue-free work while transporting goods with load trains. The driver can also benefit from a new platform configuration: the control panel, adjustable backrest and driver standing platform form a u-shaped unit that is completely cushioned, improving comfort while driving. In addition, the electric 2-handled steering unit makes it easier to maneuver when space is limited. The powerful high-torque drive motor ensures high-performance handling. The P30 - P50 C electric tow tractors can pull a maximum load capacity of three (P30) and five (P50) tons.

  • 4-millimeter thick steel chassis
  • Two-handled steering unit design
  • Automatic curve assist
  • Start driving on uphill gradients without rolling backwards
  • Full-suspension platform, control panel and backrest
  • Height-adjustable driver's seat
  • Large storage compartments
  • Cushioned foot mat
  • Powerful 3-kW three-phase motors
  • Efficient brakes
  • Precise power steering
  • Automatic centering
  • Quick servicing using the CAN bus interface
  • Maintenance-free three-phase motor
  • Easily accessible service components

With the help of powerful 3-kW three-phase motors, the P30 C and P50 C electric tow tractors accelerate to their maximum speed of ten kilometers per hour quickly. In contrast, the trucks' efficient braking systems ensure that the trucks are able to come to a stop quickly, even when pulling a heavy load. Both factors contribute to increased handling performance. At the same time, the electrical steering unit benefits the flow of goods; it is easy to operate and simplifies many maneuvers. Automatic centering of the steering unit makes it easier to drive in a straight line. This saves time when driving longer distances.

While driving, the driver is always protected behind a four-millimeter thick steel chassis. To make sure that the driver is always protected, the truck features a compact two-handled steering design, which prevents the driver from making any sweeping movements when steering. For additional safety, there are ergonomic handles on the steering unit. They provide a safe grip and protect the hands. The truck automatically reduces the speed of the entire load train if it is going around a curve too fast. Hill-start assist makes sure that the P30 C and P50 C cannot roll backwards on gradients.

The tow tractor's u-shaped platform design helps reduce the workload of the driver and helps prevent fatigue: the control panel, backrest and driver standing platform are all connected and cushion vibrations caused by driving on uneven roads and surfaces considerably. The nonslip foot mat also provides additional cushioning. Also important for ensuring ergonomic working conditions is the adjustable backrest, which the driver can adjust to his or her height. The spacious storage compartments provide more than enough room for all of the driver's tools, which makes day-to-day work easier.

The truck must undergo a service test after every 1000 operating hours. The CAN bus system makes it possible to diagnose the truck quickly and easily. The service technician checks all of the performance parameters using a laptop and then matches them with the appropriate application. Equally important is that the technician is able to access all service components quickly and effortlessly. The three-phase motor does not require servicing.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Singapore has everything you need – all under the one roof.


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