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  • Forklift hire from 1 day up to 5 years
  • 6.0 – 8.0 tonnes capacity
  • Electric Motor
  • Ideal for Transporting

These electric tow tractors are designed to perform and keep on performing. Their heavy duty, profiled chassis has a rugged, impact resistant top section with a steel-cased carrying platform, ergonomic rounded profile design, resilient cushioning and swinging arm suspension system front & rear. Precise responsive steering with a large lock to lock angle and a unique adjustable steering column to suit every size of driver that ensures precision travelling and manoeuvring.

  • Four independent braking systems
  • Self-adjusting hydraulic drum brakes on all wheels
  • Automatic electromagnetic parking brake
  • Automatic gradient assist start (No roll-back)
  • Superbly spacious and ergonomic drivers compartment
  • Non-slip step and wide access on both sides
  • Spacious foot well and leg room
  • Ergonomic, automotive pedal layout
  • Automotive style intuitive control levers
  • Rear multi-position towing coupling as standard
  • Low maintenance design
  • Digital display assists charging and maintenance planning
  • Diagnostic computer port (CAN bus system)
  • Optional types of front and rear towing couplings
  • Optional automatic couplings
  • Exceptionally energy efficient Linde digital controller
  • Smooth, precision control of travel and manoeuvring
  • Programmable performance parameters
  • Regenerative electric braking
  • Delivers optimum versatility and efficiency
  • 48V DIN batteries up to 375 Ah capacity
  • Efficient and safe side changing design
  • Various optional changing methods including battery on rollers
  • Range of chargers to suit the battery and application
  • Easy service access to all key components
  • Extended operational uptime between scheduled services

Latest energy efficient Linde electronic control systems deliver seamless travelling and manoeuvrability in these tow tractors which have a powerful 4.5 kW sealed AC drive motor for impressive pulling power and up to 20 km/h unladen speed.

As with all Linde equipment, safety is paramount. A heavy-duty steel chassis and rugged upper structure with rounded profiles protects the driver. Four independent braking systems provide effective braking in all situations. The parking brake is an automatic, electro-magnetic unit and standard equipment includes an emergency isolator, electric horn, duplicated fail-to-safe electronic circuits and excellent all-round visibility.

Ergonomic, non-slip steps and wide access openings on either side with smoothly curved profiles ensure easy access and exit. The spacious angled foot well and generous legroom, adjustable seat, intuitive automotive control levers, adjustable steering wheel and ergonomic pedal layout provide an optimum working environment for every individual operator. Resilient mountings and swinging arm suspension on all three wheels provide the stability operators need to get the best out of the equipment.

These outstanding ergonomic and performance design features result in a unique, intuitive interface between the driver and the tractor, to deliver consistently high efficiency and productivity ratios in a wide range of material handling applications.

Industrial standard mechanical and electrical components together with a heavy-duty drive axle and differential deliver continuous, reliable performance while a rugged, profiled steel chassis and impact resistant upper structures provide maximum structural integrity and durability.

Whether you’re after a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Singapore has everything you need – all under the one roof.

Linde Series 1191 P60-P80 Electric Tow Tractor Hire