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  • Forklift hire from 1 day up to 5 years
  • 2.5 – 3.5 tonnes capacity
  • Diesel or LPG Engine
  • Ideal for Stacking

Benchmarking service periods and a convenient maintenance access will keep your after sales cost down and ensure a high truck availability.

  • Advanced engine technology
  • Cutting edge Step IIIB engine
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Maximum productivity
  • Benchmarking transmission efficiency
  • Optimised torque converter dedicated for forklift truck application
  • Decoupled drive train assembly from truck chassis
  • Optimum vibration isolation to load and operator
  • High pivoting point of steering axle
  • High residual capacity ratio
  • Large sized step in plate with anti slip design
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Step-in handle bar
  • Combined inch and brake pedal
  • Convenient foot operated parking brake
  • Maintenance free during truck life
  • Separated cooling system
  • Enhanced braking performance
  • High strength mast profiles made in Germany
  • Optimised visibility due to nested mast profiles
  • Spacious operator compartment
  • Central control lever (tilting & lifting)
  • Small diameter steering wheel
  • Various storage compartments

The imported transmission designed dedicated to forklift truck applications provides a maximum efficiency and torque output.

Advanced wet disc brakes and a unique low gravity center steering axle combined with a state of the art high visibility mast to set benchmarking safety standards.

The spacious and comfortable operators compartment reflects the most advanced ergonomic design in the forklift industry. The unique Linde central lever combines mast lifting and tilting functions to an easy and efficient operating experience for the operator.

Learning from the best, the 1219 series uses main components from European that are used in thousands of Linde trucks all over the world.

Whether you’re after a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Singapore has everything you need – all under the one roof.

Linde Series 1219 H25-H35 Engine Forklift Hire