Flexible Automation for Intralogistics


Flexible Automation for Intralogistics



With high- and low-platform pallet trucks, tow tractors, counterbalanced forklifts, and a high-functionality truck for work in narrow aisles, the autonomous MATIC range covers 80 percent of all handling tasks in production and storage facilities.

P-MATIC – Tow Tractor

  • Tugger train applications
  • Transportation
  • Kitting
  • Disposal of reusable material
  • Delivery to the production line

L-MATIC – Pallet Stacker

  • Handling and storage at lower heights
  • Barcode scanning
  • Feeding packing machines
  • Order picking
  • Feeding supply lines for machines

L-MATIC AC – Counterbalanced Pallet Stacker

  • Handling and storage of closed pallets
  • Handling of pallet cages and transport containers
  • Feeding of conveyor belts

T-MATIC – Pallet Truck

  • Transport over long distances
  • Delivery to shipping preparation areas, e.g. loading area
  • Transport of extra-long loads

K-MATIC – Narrow Aisle Truck

  • Moving goods into and out of storage in narrow aisles at great heights
  • Operating height of up to 12 meters

Five advantages of geonavigation from Linde Robotics

  1. Networked: The spectrum ranges from implementation without any system connection, to extensive networking with operational systems, machines, and facilities.
  2. Safe: The comprehensive equipment such as scanners and cameras guarantees traffic safety, even in mixed working conditions.
  3. Simple: The innovative navigational system with modern Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology requires no additional expensive infrastructure.
  4. Flexible: Routes and reference points can be adapted to changing operational conditions at short notice.