August, 2018     |     Thailand

When it comes to material flow in production lines and warehouses, the focus will always be on scalability, efficiency and economy. Linde Material Handling offers a fully integrated fleet management system for material handling — the Linde Connect Solutions.

Linde Connect facilitates the efficient use of forklift trucks and warehouse technology to increase safety, transparency and productivity, as well as improve service in the production field and storage logistics.


“Based on DHL’s requirements, only Linde Connect is able to provide The solution.”


To obtain insight on its capacity utilisation, DHL selected these 3 functions — connect:ac (access control), connect:dt (crash detection), and connect:an (usage analysis).

The Solution

Connect:ac (access control) — A supervisor can authorise each operator to be in charge of one truck; DHL operators will only be able to access their allocated trucks via RFID tags. Access period and truck parameters can be adjusted, for example, the supervisor can set a speed limit for new operators or an operator’s shift time to be from 08:00AM to 12:00PM.

Connect:dt (crash detection) — Shock sensors were installed on every truck, to detect abnormal incidents caused from hitting an object or driving through uneven surfaces. DHL managers/supervisors are able to see the data via connect desk and analyse the root cause of a serious situation. A graph will also show who is responsible for the truck when the unusual incident occurred.

Connect:an (usage analysis) — Truck usage can be analysed in real time. DHL can examine fleet’s capacity utilisation in detail, such as maintenance periods and rest time of each truck; if a particular truck has been overused, then it should have a rest time.

Initially, Linde Connect was only implemented on 4 trucks in DHL’s warehouse in Ayutthaya, Thailand, however, after several months’ trial and usage, DHL decided to apply it to all their trucks, as a benchmark for all their warehouses.

As of now, Linde Connect Solutions have been installed in 51 trucks!

Following DHL’s successful implementation of Linde Connect, as well as being the first company to use it in Thailand, DHL will be a vital key reference for Linde Connect in the future!

Henceforth, Linde Connect Solutions has once again proven its capability of responding to the customer’s needs.

Recommended Action

In future, Linde can first propose the basic functions, such as access control or crash detection to new customers, as they are easy to use and start with. After familiarisation with the system, Linde can then propose the full system of functions to customers.