Flexible warehouse aid with comfort and power

New pallet stacker generation from Linde Material Handling

With its pallet stackers Linde L14 to L20 in the load range between 1.4 and 2.0 tonnes, industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling is launching a new generation of flexible warehouse aids. Designed either as pedestrian models or models with a folding stand-on platform for lift heights of up to just over 5.30 meters, the new pallet stackers come, for example, with a standard weighing device, a battery cover for optimum view and a large number of mast variants, and they are optionally available with up to 33 percent higher lifting speed. Unique on the market is the folding stand-on platform of the ride-on version. It has full suspension and, together with the tiller head and the folding side guards, it forms a constructional unit that is decoupled from the chassis. This means that shocks from uneven surfaces are largely cushioned.

Available either as a pedestrian version or with folding stand-on platform, the new pallet stackers Linde L14-L20 for lift heights of over 5.30 metres feature numerous new functions.

The pedestrian pallet stackers Linde L14 to L20 and the models with folding, stand-on platform with full suspension and side guards, L14 AP to L20 AP, respectively, are equipped with a powerful, maintenance-free 2.3 kW AC motor, which accelerates the vehicles to a driving speed of up to 10 km/h. In order to protect the operator from cornering too fast, the Linde Curve Assist reduces the speed proportionally to the steering angle. Risky driving manoeuvres can thus be prevented and warehouse safety increased. The built-in weighing device, which is active up to 1.50 m lift height, serves the same purpose. It measures the load with an accuracy of +/- 50 kg; the value is shown on the display.

In order to protect the driver against injuries, there should a sufficient distance between the user and the vehicle at all times. In case of the pallet stackers Linde L14 to L20, this is ensured by the “Safety Speed” function which reduces the driving speed at small tilt angles of the tiller.

Good view, durable materials, many variants
The better the view of the pallet and load, the more confidently and safely drivers can manoeuvre the pallet stacker in narrow aisles or on narrow paths. With a battery cover that is bevelled to the front, Linde takes account of the request of many operators for even better visibility. With lowered forks, the driver can see the fork tips and steer the vehicle safely around corners and obstructions.

“Soft Landing” is another standard protective function. This prevents the jerky depositing of load and resultant damage by automatically reducing the lifting speed before reaching the rack or ground so that the load is placed gently.

The active weighing device of the new pallet stackers Linde L14 to L20 measures the load with an accuracy of +/- 50 kg and indicates the value on the display.

Pallet stackers are considered to be all-rounders in the warehouse. To meet the diverse application requirements, customers have a choice between 26 standard, duplex and triplex masts. Optionally available for applications with high lift requirements is the “Lift Speed Booster” with which the lifting speed of 0.3 m/s without load can be increased by another 33 percent. If ramps and loading bridges form part of the usual environment, the pallet stacker can be equipped with initial lift.

Ergonomic driving, reliable braking
Together with the tiller head and folding side guards, the full-suspension stand-on platform of the AP version forms a solid unit that is decoupled from the chassis via rubber-metal bearing supports. This solution, which is unique on the market, provides special driving comfort and effectively protects the driver against human vibrations. With a value of 0.68 m/s2, these remain well below the strict standard for the first time. As a result, the driver can concentrate fully on his work for a longer time, and is protected against musculoskeletal disorders in the long term. Comprehensive development expertise has also gone into tiller and tiller head. All control elements are duplicated, so that the pallet stacker can be operated with both the right and the left hand. Due to the shape of the tiller head the hands of the employee are protected at all times.

In order to protect the driver from leg and trunk injuries, there should be a sufficient distance between the user and the vehicle at all times. In case of the Linde pallet stackers, this is ensured by the “Safety Speed” function: The driving speed of the stacker is reduced at small tilt angles of the tiller. The vehicle stops when the tiller moves into its upper or lower end position. The same applies when the driver releases the throttle or changes the direction of motion. In such cases, as well as when driving up a slope, the vehicle brakes automatically and rolling backwards is prevented. For special situations, such as narrow truck loading areas, where the driver can only manoeuvre with the tiller vertically, the stacker can be moved very slowly by holding down the “creep speed” button.

Important information such as load weight, fault codes, operating hours or service intervals, is displayed to the driver on the new, large coloured display. When using the on-board charger, real-time information on the charging process is shown in addition.

There are two different options when it comes to battery replacement. In addition to the standard vertical change, the stackers are also available with optional lateral battery change. In this case they feature a roller channel inside the battery compartment and a lever for battery ejection which aids withdrawal of the battery onto a replacement frame or trolley. In any case, access to the battery is very simple: All you have to do is remove the engine cover.