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Your digital fleet management system


Your digital fleet management system



connect:dt documents the use of the fleet forklift trucks: Was a forklift truck being used a lot, or was it often not in use? Were there any accidents? Is the forklift truck functional?

Crash Detection – The Electronic Damage Monitor

Was there an accident? Is part of the company site uneven? Is a driver driving without care? connect:dt crash detection records the time and severity of heavy shocks which could lead to forklift truck damage.

  • Identification of danger points or floor damage on the company site
  • Intentional misuse or irresponsible driving can be attributed to individual drivers
  • Reduction of damage due to improper use
  • Reduction of repair costs
  • Early detection of forklift truck damage
  • Automatic speed reduction of the forklift truck can be set
  • Recording threshold can be set individually
  • Determination of driver in the event of accidents or building damage
  • More conscious driver behavior with the forklift trucks
  • Improved safety on the company site
  • Also available for retrofitting

Operating Hours – The Digital Driving Logbook

Is a forklift truck rarely used? Will it soon exceed the operating hours agreed upon with the leasing partners? With connect:dt operating hours, fleet managers can regularly determine the deployment duration of your forklift trucks.

  • Automatic collection and transmission of the operating hours
  • Read-out interval can be set individually
  • No expense for manual recording of the operating hours
  • No disruption of operational processes
  • More transparency
  • Improved operational planning and optimized fleet utilization
  • Better scheduling of service intervals
  • Avoiding unnecessary forklift truck down time
  • Early identification of bottlenecks
  • Warning if hours are exceeded
  • Reduced overuse of the forklift trucks
  • Reports possible for individual forklift trucks
  • Data transfer via mobile telecommunication network, no additional infrastructure
  • Also available for retrofitting

Trouble Codes – Automated Error Transmission From The Forklift Truck

Does an wearing part need to be replaced? Should a forklift truck be taken out of operation as a precaution? connect:dt trouble codes provides qualified information on errors on the forklift truck, even those which will not immediately limit performance.

  • Early detection of malfunctions or damage
  • Enables preventative servicing
  • Reduces forklift truck down time
  • Improved availability of the forklift trucks
  • Optimizes service processes with reduced repair time
  • Transparency with error sources
  • Automatic information possible from the service organization
  • Automated e-mail reports
  • Also available for retrofitting