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September, 2018  |  Singapore

Linde Robotics – Innovation on Basic Forklifts

Simple and integrated to the warehouse management system, the Linde Robotics solution provides flexible logistic processes and enhances safety by increasing accuracy and reducing human intervention. With its unique natural navigation system, the Linde Robotics solution does not require any additional infrastructure investment in the warehouse (like reflectors or magnetic strips), and can be quickly re-programmed to adapt to material flow changes in the warehouse.

“In the unlikely event of any major failure in the automation, each truck can be manually operated simply with the flip of a switch on the truck, and operations will continue to run seamlessly.”

Progressing with Market Demands

Over the past few years, companies in Singapore have always been daunted with issues like labor crunch and rising wages for operators, causing many to start looking at automation.

This changing need in the market is also fueled by the government’s push for a Smart Nation, and the move towards Industry 4.0.

With this, Linde Singapore started actively promoting Linde Robotics in 2016, showcasing them across various platforms like the DHL Innovation Center, Supply Chain City Innovation Playground, as well as the Republic Polytechnic Innovation Center. More than 1000 people have been introduced to Linde Robotics via these platforms.

As such, Linde Singapore successfully acquired the first K-Matic order in the world, as well as the launch of the first operations of 5 units of L-Matic at YCH, a home-grown and leading third-party logistics company (3PL) in Singapore.

Fleet of L-Matic at YCH’s Warehouse

Linde Robotics to YCH

Having been in the logistics business for over 60 years, YCH has always focused on IT and innovation, looking for ways in which they can scale up without increasing operations cost. They were aware of the potentials of automating their routine operations; allowing upgrading of their operators to carry out more complex tasks. As a 3PL, YCH will have to change their mode of operations from time to time, depending on the type of customers they have. Therefore, whilst looking into robotics solutions, they knew they needed one that is flexible and easy to manage.

Chancing upon Linde, YCH realised that Linde Robotics is The solution for them, as no additional infrastructure is required due to the use of LIDAR and SLAM technology. This allows them the flexibility to change the robots’ travel path whenever the need arises.

“So, with that natural (navigating) algorithm and the ability to map on the go, that actually does help us to make that decision to go with Linde.”

Representative, YCH Singapore

A Proof of Concept (POC) was also conducted at the warehouse, which ensured that there is no disruption to their daily operations, thus propelling a quick decision on the Linde Robotics solution. It was hence decided that Linde Robotics, specifically the L-Matic will be added to their impending new facility, the Supply Chain City.

The YCH Supply Chain City facility has the capacity to handle more than 66,000 pallets, with 120 docks for loading and unloading.

Its official opening on 22 September 2017 was graced by Singapore’s Prime Minster, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, and even reported in the local mainstream newspaper, The Straits Times, as well as Channel News Asia.

Straits Times Article on YCH

To watch the testimonial video from YCH, click here.

Last but not least, with its potential here, Linde Singapore has instilled a Customer Experience Center for Linde Robotics in 2018, and have since hosted more than 50 companies and 200 people; conducting live demos of the R-Matic and L-Matic solution.

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