March, 2016     |     Thailand

BEIERSDORF is a global skincare company with more than 150 affiliates and more than 16,500 employees in about 200 countries. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, its brands include Nivea, Nivea Men, Eucerin, La prairie and Hansaplast.

For a start, Beiersdorf is operating a fleet of eighteen trucks. The ground conditions in the factory are clean and smooth, with the particularity of quite narrow aisles. Reach trucks are used in the warehouse for handling and storing the palletised products at lift heights of up to 8 metres.


“The conditions and dimensions of our facilities are not standardised. With Linde we can get the best fit to our specific narrow aisle storage requirements at a reasonable price.”

Representative, Beiersdorf Thailand

Sharing more about the situation and requirements for Linde trucks, Mr. Chanpe continued: “Since the trucks have an extended working time, it is essential to have high performance equipment. On the other hand, the counterbalance trucks are operating 8 hours per day, on a 6-day week, while the reach trucks and stackers are used for two 7-hour shifts a day, similarly on a 6-day week”.


“Employing Linde trucks for more than ten years, the drivers are very familiar with the Linde fleet and appreciate the user-friendliness of Linde.”

Representative, Beiersdorf Thailand