June, 2018     |     Singapore

Company Overview

In 1992, Syspex was first established in Singapore as a small packaging distribution company. With more than 25 years in the making, Syspex is now Southeast Asia’s leading business-to-business packaging and warehousing solutions provider. With 7 regional offices in Southeast Asia, employing more than 250 staff, Syspex is still continuing to grow.

As a manufacturer and distributor, Syspex offers their customers complete one-stop industrial packaging and warehousing solution(s), where all packaging designs, equipment, raw material and supplies are well-delivered from a single source.

Their core capabilities comprise:

– Packaging engineering and consultation
– Freight and materials optimisation
– Automation and engineering services
– Global sourcing and new product development
– Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions
– Quality management

Syspex serves various customers’ industries, which include paper/printing/corrugated, logistics, chemical, f&b, pharmaceutical/medical products, wood/timber/metal and so on.

The Problem & Proposed Solution

Prior to the introduction of our solution, Syspex employed a manual picking system, which was the cause of low productivity and efficiency.

Upon understanding their concerns, Linde Singapore introduced Linde’s Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Navigation System to them.

Linde’s VNA Navigation System increases handling performance and, at the same time, ensures secure storing and removal of stock by preventing errors. Work is therefore made easier for the driver, allowing increased work efficiency and the possibility for new drivers to quickly familiarise themselves with work, which contributes to even more work productivity and efficiency.

In addition, operation of the VNA Navigation System is fast, precise, and simple.

Linde’s VNA Navigation System taps on customers’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) to identify the position of the truck and the next pick-up/drop location by using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) tags and bar codes. With this, misplacement of pallets is avoided, therefore providing the exact and optimal approach to identifying pallet location.

After implementation of our proposed solution, Syspex experienced a 25% increase in productivity, allowing them to better manage their operations and cost!