Linde MH is now offering two new versions of the BlueSpot visual driving path warning device

When it comes to safety in the workplace, few companies are prepared to cut corners in terms of cost or effort. Yet having the most complex or most extensive solution is not always necessary. An example of a more moderate solution is the BlueSpot visual driving path warning device from Linde Material Handling. The BlueSpot device provides an enhanced level of safety on driving paths and at junctions where visibility is poor. Since the market launch in March 2011, these high-intensity, low-consumption LED lights have become a sought-after retrofit solution for trucks. There are now two new product versions available for counterbalance and warehouse trucks.

Since its market launch, the Linde BlueSpot has become a sought-after retrofit solution. There are now two new versions of the high-intensity, low-consumption LED lights avail-able for counterbalance and warehouse trucks.

Siemens AG is one of the clients impressed with the Linde BlueSpot solution. All 40 industrial trucks used in the logistics centre at the Siemens high-voltage plant in Berlin are now equipped with the BlueSpot device to provide an enhanced level of safety. “Siemens is very focused on the safety of its employees. In response to the suggestion by our health and safety specialist, Ralf Thielert, we have been retrofitting all of our electric trucks with the BlueSpot device throughout the past year. We also wanted this option to be included on the pallet trucks that we ordered recently”, explains Arif Karamahmut, Head of the Logistics Hub and Fleet Manager of the Power Transmission Division in the Siemens AG Energy Sector. “At our logistics centre, we only use electric trucks, which are pleasantly quiet yet difficult to hear as a result. In addition, we also have a high turnover of stock. As we have 40 trucks, the drivers can easily get in each another’s way”, explains Karamahmut. The BlueSpot device from Linde has essentially prevented any risk of collision. According to Karamahmut: “Our drivers are very happy with the warning device and we are pleased with the significant improvement in safety.”

The Linde BlueSpot is extremely simple to operate: Attached to the top of the overhead guard frame, the device projects a blue circle onto the floor a few meters ahead of the truck in the forward or reverse drive direction, thereby warning pedestrians, truck drivers or operators of other devices in the work area. The LED technology is not susceptible to shocks or vibrations, and enables a long service life. In addition, the entire warning light is approved for the IP 67 protection class, meaning it is dustproof and waterproof.

A recent addition to the Linde range of retrofit solutions is a “spot” featuring red LEDs, which is available now. The addition of this warning device means that the most effective signal can now be produced in relation to the colour of the floor. The “BlueSpot directional” variant is also new: The LED light projects a blue arrow onto the floor, thereby indicating the drive direction of the approaching truck. Alongside counterbalance trucks, it is now also possible to fit the visual driving path warning device to narrow aisle trucks and reach trucks. The Linde BlueSpot is a registered trademark.

For Massimiliano Sammartano, Vice President Customer Services at Linde MH, the BlueSpot from Linde has become a real success story: “The sales figures for the BlueSpot far outstrip those of all our other retrofit solutions.” Much of the BlueSpot’s success is down to the drivers: Acoustic warning devices on industrial trucks are often seen as a disturbance due to the shrill sound they emit, and the signal is often switched off as a result, but the BlueSpot device has achieved a high level of acceptance among employees.