September, 2016     |     Malaysia

Company Overview

Weir Group, founded in 1871, is a British engineering solutions firm based in Scotland. They currently employ more than 14,000 people in over 70 countries, including Malaysia. The Weir Group headquarters in Malaysia, Weir Minerals is located in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. It mainly produces Linatex rubber using local materials. Linatex, is a 95% natural rubber product used in the mining industry, in which there is growing demand for.

In 2016, Weir Minerals decided to convert all its Internal Combustion Counterbalance (ICCB) to Linde Electric Counterbalance (ECB) equipped with Linde Connect Solutions. After implementing ECB as their material handling equipment, they observed a cleaner working environment — due to nearly zero emission from ECB, overall hygiene levels increased and workers’ health has improved and maintained.

With Linde Connect Solutions, Weir Minerals was able to keep track of their trucks’ status, enabling regular maintenance, thus avoiding major damages to them, hence optimising their usage.

The application of the fleet management system, Linde Connect, has also enabled them to increase productivity, reduce service cost, as well as ensure a safer working environment.

Currently, a total of 10 units of ECB with Connect Solutions runs in Weir Minerals, and after realising the benefits of Linde ECB and its fleet management system, Weir Minerals are still enquiring for new Linde trucks equipped with Connect Solutions now!