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Safe handling at the highest level


Prevent the mast from oscillating

Storage space is expensive. That’s why taller warehouses with accordingly high shelving are on the increase. However, these also entail risks: The masts of reach trucks frequently used in these situations start to oscillate when loaded trucks are used to access greater heights. This makes collisions with shelving and damage to loads and equipment hard to avoid. The driver therefore has to wait until the mast stops wobbling. This costs valuable time. The innovative driver assistance system Dynamic Mast Control (DMC) from Linde Material Handling solves this problem: An electric, highly responsive reach system compensates for mast movements with specific counter-movements. The system ensures that handling processes involving large lift heights are significantly quicker and safer.

Aiming high

Around 50 per cent of reach trucks work at heights of over 8 meters; even 13 meters is not unknown.

Linde’s Dynamic Mast Control offers greater productivity and safety.

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