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Trained forklift drivers are a fundamental requirement for safe and smooth operation. Responsibility for this lies with the relevant operator. This also applies from a legal perspective in many places. Numerous regulations on safety at work and industrial safety and accident prevention stipulate that equipment operators must be properly trained. In particular, trained employees are better able to avoid accidents and damage, and the associated operational downtimes. Your Linde service partners offer training and development opportunities for various industrial trucks and for everyday logistics operations. The training events can be held on-site or at your Linde service partner’s locations.

Forklift Driver Training

In many countries, forklift driver training is a mandatory requirement for being able to operate a forklift truck. However, apart from this purely legal requirement, there are a multitude of other reasons why well-trained drivers are of benefit to companies. Drivers that are familiar with the trucks and the safety precautions cause fewer accidents. This reduces the damage to forklifts and goods as well as downtimes caused by trucks being damaged. Moreover, the training events teach drivers how to use their trucks productively and in an energy-saving manner. This includes knowledge of load ratios, tilt stability, care, and servicing as well as the causes of accidents and what to do in the event of an accident. Forklift driver training includes a theoretical and practical section, which each end in an examination.

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