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The Linde Material Handling spare parts service returns forklifts to operation as quickly as possible. This is ensured by Linde distribution centers worldwide, which make sure that the right parts are shipped around the clock. Spare parts in the quality of the original manufacturer ensure that the industrial trucks actually do what they promise. After all, even the slightest of variations can result in performance issues or threaten full efficiency. Moreover, genuine spare parts are particularly safe and reliable thanks to their perfect interaction with the truck. They also have a direct impact on operating costs, as they can be seamlessly installed and optimally serviced. The Linde spare parts service increases truck availability with customer-focused solutions, such as the spare part kits for the most frequent repairs and guaranteed next-day delivery.


Ready for Operation Overnight

Even the failure of a single truck can cause major disruptions to a company’s logistics operations. This is why a Linde product includes both an extremely reliable industrial truck as well as a reliable spare parts service. Often, the customer service van will even have the right spare parts for the forklift on board and the repair can be completed on the spot. The service technician immediately orders missing spare parts from the spare parts center. A close-knit global spare parts network ensures that the right parts are available anywhere in the world. For additional speed in urgent cases, Linde offers an emergency service around the clock, every day of the year. Within the EU, spare part orders received by 17:30 will arrive the following morning, meaning that the faulty truck can be quickly returned to operation.

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