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World’s Tallest Autonomous Forklift Delivered to Singapore Storage and Warehouse

July 2022, Singapore

Linde Material Handling successfully handed over the world tallest autonomous forklift to Singapore Storage & Warehouse (SSW), located in Singapore. It all started with SSW wanting to convert the manually operated very narrow aisle (VNA) forklifts to autonomous VNA forklifts as part of the Company’s innovation drive. More premium solutions like automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) using stacker cranes were considered, but SSW wanted the flexibility of aisle change that VNA could provide to suit its operations. In addition, VNA forklift is a more efficient use of resources with the desired throughput. However, the challenge for autonomous VNA forklift was the height. There were no past references from any robotics company at such height. 

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What our customers say

“Over the years, LINDE has provided TEEHAI with quality material handling equipment and outstanding after-sales support. Time and efficiency are of utmost importance, so our MHEs must be in an optimal operational state at all times. Not only does LINDE provide TEEHAI with the assured reliability of their equipment, the prompt support by LINDE's technical team has also always exceeded our expectations.”

Ms Gerene Soh, P.A.

Tee Hai Chem Pte Ltd

"UNISERVE EGDC is very pleased with LINDE's quality of service. We will normally get our problems solved within the next day which goes beyond the gold service standard. I have driven quite a number of forklifts in the past and find that LINDE's forklifts are the most ergonomic and user friendly. I will definitely recommend LINDE to my business partners & friends. UNISERVE EGDC looks forward to partnering LINDE for years to come."
Mr Chiam Tiaw Wei
Warehouse Manager
Uniserve EGDC Pte Ltd

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