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Fleet Management System


Digitization is changing the world of intralogistics. Modern logistics devices continuously collect data, which is analyzed and can then be used to optimize complex warehouse and transport processes. Networking and advanced sensors even enable the forklift trucks to act autonomously. This results in the fleet and fleet management becoming intelligent, and networking and real-time data access becoming increasingly important.

The Linde Fleet Managment system provides precisely the information you need for efficient fleet management. Whether it is in production or the warehouse, the system networks your forklift trucks and continuously informs you of the current status of the entire fleet. The Linde Fleet Managment system is more cost-effective and increases the availability of every forklift truck.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management allows a company’s forklift truck fleet to be controlled centrally. This mainly involves optimizing the availability of the individual forklift trucks and coordinating the distances that are traveled. Modern forklift trucks continuously collect data for this purpose, which provides information about your status and current capacity utilization. Fleet management helps to make optimum use of resources and detect problems such as capacity bottlenecks at an early stage.

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