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Blue Light for

Greater Safety


Safety first! Whether employees are driving a forklift truck or walking, they quickly lose sight of potential risks when working. They may either be inattentive or absorbed in their work. Loud noises are distracting and can drown out important warning signals. This can all cause dangerous accidents on business premises. The innovative Linde BlueSpot™ driving path warning system minimizes risk without making a sound.

The LED light of the Linde BlueSpot™, attached to the driver’s protective roof frame, project a blue warning spot onto the ground. This warns pedestrians and other forklift drivers of approaching trucks. This visual solution from Linde Material Handling intuitively draws attention to moving forklift trucks. It therefore significantly increases safety, both in aisles and at crossings where visibility is poor.

Unobtrusive but can’t be ignored

The Linde BlueSpot™ consists of two bright, anti-glare LED lights that project a blue spot onto the ground. They can be set to either shine constantly or flash. The light spot is positioned several meters ahead of the forklift truck, whether it’s traveling forward or backward. It lasts an impressively long time: The Linde BlueSpot™ lasts for more than 20,000 hours, as the LED technology enables high light intensity with low levels of energy.

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