Greater variation for the Linde logistic train

Linde MH expands Linde logistic train range

At the LogiMAT trade fair one year ago, Linde Material Handling (MH) presented a new solution for optimising production, storage and transportation logistics in the form of the logistic train. Now Linde MH is launching the expanded product matrix for the logistic train range. The customer can select the individual solution that is right for them from this comprehensive range of chassis variants and trailer train combinations. Through its professional advisory service, Linde provides customers with the expertise required to optimise their logistics processes.

“The introduction of the Linde logistic train has been met with great interest from customers”, reports Tobias Zierhut, Head of Warehouse Technology in International Marketing at Linde MH. “Considering the different logistics processes used by our customers, it is clear that the extension of the existing range was a logical step. It also means that solution expertise at Linde has developed further.”

With the Linde logistic train, customers can choose from a comprehensive range of chassis variants and trailer train combinations.

Based on the predominant operational conditions and corresponding drive paths and drive widths, and a particular type and number of loads and containers that require transportation, Linde MH, with its wide product variation, offers customers a logistic train that is aligned to their needs. For indoor applications with wide drive paths and flat floors, trailers with a C-frame without a lifting system and revolving pallet dollies are a cost-effective entry-level solution.

For more difficult application conditions on uneven roadways, as are mostly found outdoors, the C-frame with lifting system and optional four-wheel steering represents a suitable mode of transport. In this solution, two Chep pallets, one europallet, an industrial pallet or the double europallet at weights of 600 to 2000 kilograms can be incorporated as standard. For weights over 1000 kilograms, a hydraulic system that is independent in each individual trailer is available with the electro-hydraulic lifting system; it only requires an external power connection to supply the motor. As a result, hydraulic connections from trailer to trailer are not required, thereby avoiding leaks.

The Linde bracket frame, with optional hoisting, represents the perfect solution for applications with special requirements in terms of drive path widths and flexible loading and unloading options on both sides. With the purely electrical lift drive, there is also the possibility of fulfilling special regulations such as hygiene requirements, enabling them to be used in cleanrooms and medical areas.

The Linde tow tractor range, with its towing capacity of 3 to 25 tons, serves as the key product in the Linde logistic train. This solution enables many times the transport volume of a forklift truck to be moved in one trip. Individual and empty trips are consequently avoided and the risk of accidents is reduced substantially.

According to Zierhut, in order to find the correct configuration of the logistic train for a specific customer requirement, comprehensive consulting and on-site analysis are vital. This work is completed both by expert advisors at Linde MH and by specially trained salespeople employed at Linde distribution partners. “As a result, the internal material flow can be further optimised.” Even after the expansion, the Linde logistic train is not a completed segment — it will also provide trailer options according to customer requirements in the future.