Quality on Demand


Quality on Demand



Alongside forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment, the Linde rental solutions give you access to other more specialized trucks and equipment whenever you need to use them on a temporary basis, including container stackers, special trucks, work platforms and accessories. This diverse range allows companies to put together their very own fleet that runs like clockwork.

Linde Material Handling will be on hand to provide you with help and guidance every step of the way, from the moment you make your rental inquiry, throughout your individually arranged rental period, right up until you return your rental trucks. Linde is a partner you can rely on before, during and after we provide you with the perfect rental solution to suit your requirements.


Availability: Linde’s rental service network is so extensive that you can always be sure to find a professional contact person near you.

Focused on the solution: Experienced Linde employees will be flexible and work quickly to find a solution to individual requirements, even when these are something more specific.

Industry knowledge: Linde’s contact persons for rental trucks keep up-to-date on the latest technological developments through regular training. What’s more, our advisors are also familiar with requirements specific to the industry, so can provide expert assistance when you are selecting a truck.

Availability: Every Linde contractual partner has an exclusive fleet of trucks at their disposal for short-term rentals (between one day and one year). Comprising more than 50,000 trucks, Linde’s global rental fleet caters for all kinds of requirements with ease, no matter how specific the requirement.

Flexibility: The duration of the rental is flexible and can be adjusted to the requirements, whether just a few hours, one day or as much as one year. The agreed duration of the rental can also be changed at short notice at any time.


Fast service: If required, the equipment you need can be available within 24 hours of your order being received. Linde arranges fast delivery of the rental trucks at the right time, ensuring a convenient experience and no extra hassle for the customer.

Reliability: An experienced Linde service technician checks the trucks requested in good time before they are sent out, which ensures that they always meet Linde’s high standards as well as legal and safety-related requirements.

Adaptability: Regardless of whether it is the requirements for the rental trucks that change or the rental duration, Linde’s rental service offers you as much flexibility as you could possibly need. For example, we can provide you with different equipment if you request this, or shorten or extend the duration of the rental without endless bureaucracy.

Assistance: The Linde rental service team will be there to help you if you ever need assistance or additional equipment at short notice during your rental.


Warranty: Linde’s rental fleet ensures that you get first-rate technology under fair conditions. This means that you avoid any unexpected surprises, even after the rental has ended.

Transparency: All administration and invoicing is simple and transparent. We reduce the amount of administration done to a bare minimum.

Satisfaction: We conduct Europe-wide surveys on a regular basis and use the findings from these to keep developing the range and service we offer.


  • Diversity: The biggest short-term rental fleet, with more than 50,000 products around the world.
  • Proximity:?Extensive rental service network across Europe.
  • On-site selection:?Local Linde partners with their own short term rental fleet.
  • Flexibility: Freedom to choose a rental period of between one day and one year.
  • Transportation: Delivery and collection service for rental trucks provided by Linde on request.
  • Service support:?Support from the Linde service team whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Accessories: A wide range of attachments, batteries and chargers.
  • Assistance: Training opportunities for drivers.
  • Rent-to-own: A straightforward way of trying out a truck before you buy it by renting first.


Linde’s short term rental service network is so extensive that you can always be sure to find a contact person near you.

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